Accounting Services of Maine, LLC was founded in 1997 by Rachel Grivois, CPA. The target market is small and mid-size businesses in the Central and Eastern Maine region. The mission of the organization is to provide on-site CFO and controller services for businesses. The key client is one who does not need or cannot afford a full-time CFO staff or one who is in a business turn-around situation and needs CFO capacity to assist the management team.


Financial Analysis

Business clients seeking improved financial outcomes obtain overall financial analysis to identify areas for improvement.

Financial Statements

It is important that the accounting system’s capacity is assessed and developed so that key financial statements can be provided.

Program & Dept. Monitoring

A business may have more than one department, product line or program that needs to be measured on regular intervals. Such business segments may require budgets and separate financial reports.

Staff Training

The client’s staff is trained in various accounting tasks to develop capacity from within the organization. It is always the best outcome if the staff skill set can be increased to better support the organization.


Budgets are paramount to business success. The budget process provides a road map for the business. Although it may be clear that business operations are efficient and profitable, it may not be clear what lies ahead.

Product-line Financial Analysis

Manufacturing businesses need to identify margins for each product line. This involves costing the raw components for each product including labor, materials and overhead.

On-site Accounting

The work is done in close collaboration with the client to create clear goals and desired financial results. To achieve these goals, it is important to observe real-time the operations and staff interaction.

CFO By-the-hour

Businesses request these services when they have accounting or bookkeeping staff but are unable to support higher level expertise on staff. Management works closely with ASM to identify areas of concern or areas needing development.

Trusted Advisor

At all times, clients know their situation will be considered seriously and with the utmost regard for the impact on the business. Individualized attention is given to each client while drawing on professional experience and well-rounded business acumen.


Rachel has been a real partner in helping me build a business that works for me, for my staff, and for my clients. Her mentoring has made all the difference in the financial success of our law firm.

Jane Skelton
Principal, Skelton Law Offices



With her knowledge and expertise, Rachel was able to provide us with invaluable advice and support, and has turned us into a very successful law firm.

Kelly J. Fergola, Office Manager
Skelton Law Offices

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