In February 2012, Bangor Theological Seminary (BTS) trustees announced the ending of its degree programs. After almost 200 years, the small graduate theological school would become The BTS Center in July 2013.

In July 2012, at the start of the final academic year, the seminary’s staff accountant was the first employee to find a position elsewhere. With an audit set to begin in a few weeks, we asked our long-time auditing firm for recommendations for staffing. They encouraged us to connect with Accounting Services of Maine.

As the final President of the seminary, and the inaugural Executive Director of The BTS Center, I found Rachel Grivois to be a truly gifted professional: patient, persistent, productive. She possesses a strong work ethic, an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge of best accounting practices, and exceptional competence in carrying out any task asked of her.

In her role as our CFO by-the-hour for seven years, Rachel has provided critically important guidance and broad support for the complex financial management of an accredited graduate school with a $13M endowment that became a small public charity and is now transitioning to a non-profit operating foundation. This radical change in our business model has called on the whole range of the services she offers, and I consider her a MVP – most valuable partner – in the success of our “200-year-old start-up” venture.

It has been a complex and challenging process of reinvention, and Rachel Grivois has been just the right person for us. Even in the most stressful moments of those first few years, Rachel remained steady, smart, sane, and with just the right sense of humor. Knowing she was nearby, I never felt a need to panic. She has been a profoundly important companion on our journey.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Grove-Markwood (retired)
Executive Director – The BTS Center 2013-2019
President, Bangor Theological Seminary – 2011-2013