Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses engage Accounting Services of Maine, LLC?

The organization needs to develop financial plans, forecasts, and budget for better financial monitoring. Without staff capacity, this can be daunting to develop and maintain. Services are offered on a per-hour fee for capacity not already available among the staff. Business owners/managers have access to a professional business advisor as a sounding board for more informed management decisions.

Will you provide the services or will you send one of your staff to work with us?

Service to clients is a personal relationship. Clients engage ASM for the expertise of a professional. Rachel Grivois, CPA works one-on-one with you and your staff. You benefit from her professional expertise and business acumen, and your staff’s capacity is developed.

What level of services will you provide my business?

That depends on your needs. Often, the services to clients evolve. We start with what you prioritize as most urgent or immediate needs. ASM’s involvement may be for a limited time. Frequently, engagements start for assistance on one matter and evolves to more in-depth business and financial management services. At all times, you maintain the control over the level of involvement as well as frequency of interaction.

How do you determine the number of hours spent on my business?

The number of hours worked for your business depends on the level of service requested and the ability for your staff to assist. That is, ASM’s services do not duplicate your staff’s capacity. Your staff is encouraged to do as much of the work as possible and services pickup from there. It may require additional training for your staff and that can be provided if needed. Mainly, the number of hours worked is dependent on the extent of services required, the condition of the supporting data available and the ability for staff to assist.

Will you train my existing staff?

Yes, your staff will be trained to better understand accounting procedures and processes. To the extent your staff is able and willing to assume more work, we will develop that capacity to provide your organization with ready access to better skill set. There are many benefits to you to have a better trained staff. Your financial data is more reliable, accessible and meaningful which in turn builds confidence in your staff.

Will you replace our current accounting firm who does our year-end financial statement and tax returns?

ASM does not replace your current relationship with your accounting firm. It simply builds on it. ASM works closely with your accounting firm or tax preparer and does not duplicate other professional’s work. If you engage ASM for regular interim financial management or CFO-by-the-hour services, your financial records will be in good order and reconciled through year end. Your auditor or tax preparer receives a reconciled trial balance to work from.

Will you work with our bank?

As your contracted CFO or senior-level advisor, your bank will fully appreciate the qualifications ASM brings to your organization and management team. Many bankers and attorneys work closely with ASM on behalf of our mutual client. This is an easy extension of ASM’s capability and is another example of how ASM is a true extension of your management team.

More questions?

Contact ASM to learn more about my services.